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Privacy Policy

Data Collection Policy

I value the privacy of my students and site visitors. Anyone may view any area of this site without providing any personally-identifiable information whatsoever. The only time personally-identifiable information is collected is when a visitor contacts me using the contact form.

How will Personally-Identifiable Data be Used?

The information you provide will be used only for the following purposes:

To contact you regarding the services in which you are interested.

To deliver services that you have purchased.

To collect your payment.

With Whom will My Information be Shared?

I do not sell or share my students' personally-identifable information except with their consent or as may be required by law or legal process.

Server Behavior

Like most servers, this server collects certain information about visitors. This information includes (but may not be limited to) the following:

Your IP Address, so the server knows where to send the pages you request

What operating system and browser you are using, to help assure that the site works properly on different platforms and browsers.

What country you are visiting from.

How you arrived at this site (for example, by following a link from a search engine).

None of this information identifies you as a real person, and collected data is analyzed only in the aggregate.


This server uses cookies to manage sessions for visitors who use the contact form, and as part of the spam-filtering technology. No attempt is made to use cookies for tracking or marketing purposes.

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