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From time to time, I receive letters of thanks from students or their parents telling me how much the tutoring I provided helped my students overcome their difficulties, improve their study skills, and achieve their academic goals. These letters always touch my heart, especially because so many of these kids had all but given up on themselves before we started working together.

My favorite letters are from students who tell me how the confidence they developed in the course of their academic tutoring helped them believe in themselves in ways that had been impossible for them before, and that the study habits that I helped instill in them enabled them to succeed in other endeavors.

Here's a sampling of these testimonials:

Kimberly, Age 9

When she was 9 years old, my goddaughter Kimberly was failing in school. In fact, she was in danger of being "left back" from third grade, despite being a bright, quick-witted child outside the classroom. She just didn't seem interested in schoolwork. That changed once she started working with Joanne.

Kimberly and Joanne bonded within minutes after they met; and within a few tutoring sessions, Kimberly underwent a change that was nothing short of a miracle. She started asking me to help her with her homework, found opportunities to practice her math during day-to-day activities, and beamed with pride every time she got an answer right. Her tutoring sessions became the highlights of her week as she eagerly awaited "Ms. Joanne's" arrival. It was the first time I had ever seen Kimberly excited about learning.

Kimberly's now in the eighth grade and is doing very well in all her classes. Joanne didn't just bring Kimberly up to grade level. She gave her a lasting love of learning, and the study skills to be successful at it. I know that no matter how far she goes in her education, Kimberly will always have Joanne to thank for helping her learn how to learn.

-- Richard M., College Point, NY

Michael, Age 16

My son Mike is an honor student, however he was struggling with Geometry.  While preparing for the Geometry regents we had Joanne tutor him for only a few sessions to tie up the loose ends.  Mike said, “If Joanne had been my teacher I would had understood this Math from day one.”  Mike got a 90 on his Regents. 

-- Carol F., Whitestone, NY

Marc, Age 16

Marc’s need for one to one tutoring was taken care of by Joanne. She is a personable, take charge person. His average in Math was a 90 for his junior year in High School, thanks to Joanne.

-- Laura M., Middle Village, NY

Julian, Age 14

My son, Julian, was somehow afraid of math and just preferred to avoid it as much as possible. With Joanne's tutelage he has, I believe, accepted it as challenging and not beyond his understanding. He no longer views math as an enemy. We will continue to use her services and I'm confident that he will continue to gain confidence in his math skills. Thank you Joanne.

-- Damairs C., Bellrose, NY

Michael, Age 17

Joanne came highly recommended from a Math teacher at my son's high school. Michael has struggled with math all during school, but Joanne was able to show Michael how to understand high school math. Michael has ADHD and Joanne was able to keep him focused and attain his goals.

Joanne is always on time - and keeps a wonderful balance between the student and teacher relationship. Michael's grades went up and he never again had to attend summer school for math.

Joanne helped Michael with preparation for the SAT - and he got great scores.....Thanks Joanne.

Joanne has given Michael great technique to help solve and remember math problems.

Joanne + Knowledge = My Son's Success!!!

-- Patty D., Fresh Meadows, NY

Naomi, Age 16

Very good,sensitive and reassuring. I highly recommend. P.S. She is also knowledgeable and proactive.

-- George S., Bayside, NY

Kerry, Age 17

Math was definitely not my best subject. In fact, I hated it until Joanne stepped in. I have had Joanne as my math tutor since the eighth grade (I am now a senior in high school) and I have formed a special bond with her. I am now taking Trigonometry and with Joanne's help, I am understanding it better and better. She is not only a great tutor but she is also a wonderful person. She is caring and she shows it too.

I never knew how easy and fun math can be until I met Joanne. Not only has she helped me with math, but she has also prepped me for the SAT's. She showed me easy techniques to get through them and it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I don't think I will be letting Joanne go anywhere anytime soon. I definitely will use her services when college math comes. I highly recommend her.

Thank you Joanne!

-- Kerry, Fresh Meadows, NY

Joshua, Age 15

After Joshua had an unsuccessful experience with another tutor we decided to try Joanne who came highly recommended by Josh's friend's mother. After his second session with Joanne I asked him how he felt about the sessions and he said "It's like going from a bicycle to a Bentley."

-- Cheryl K., Roslyn, NY

Janine, Age 17

Thank you for tutoring Janine in Algebra II/Trigonometry and with SAT prep. Janine's grade increased 60 points on the SAT in just two months with your help. Her grade in Algebra II/Trigonometry went from a 67 in the first quarter to a 91 in the 2nd quarter. You have a great knowledge of how to teach math so students remember. I can never thank you enough for the confidence you have given Janine. Her math teacher wanted to know what changed that she was doing so well. She explained that she had a great tutor who understands how she learns. Again, I could never thank you enough for all your help.

(From Janine’s teacher to Janine’s Mom)

I have to tell you that I am so proud of Janine. She made a complete 180. She is by far the best student in the class. Not only, are her grades way up, but her behavior and attitude is outstanding. Please give credit to her new tutor as well. Janine loves her and has nothing but nice things to say. If she has any strategies for making students like Janine remember certain things, please pass them along. Always looking to learn!

Joan M., Floral Park, NY

Brendan, Age 13

Joanne began tutoring Brendan to prepare him for the TACHS exam. I highly recommend Joanne. Her TACHS prep program was very thorough and I feel that having that one-on-one tutoring opportunity enabled Joanne to work with Brendan in areas where he needed more attention. It was well worth it because in the end he did so well on the TACHS exam he was not only able to choose from all three of his high school choices, he also received 2 scholarships! We can't thank Joanne enough for her dedication to her students.

Linda D., Glendale, New York

Michael, Age 13

Joanne tutored my son, Michael, specifically for the TACHS Test.  Not only was he accepted by all three of his choices, he was awarded an academic scholarship from each one, ranging from partial tuition to a full four year scholarship.  Besides being a wonderful tutor, Joanne was always most accommodating when it came to scheduling lessons.  She is truly a genuine and a most effective professional.

Mary Ann D., Brooklyn, NY

Caitlin, Age 18

Joanne DeVillacian has been my daughter's Math Tutor for the past four years. Without Joanne's help my daughter would not have been able to attend the college of her choice. Since 6th grade my daughter always struggled in Math. We tried after school help, tutors from school and online tutorial classes with minimal improvement. My daughter was in danger of failing math repeatedly and then became very upset and frustrated that she could not conquer this subject. In order to help her succeed I decided to search for the BEST tutor I could find. That would be Ms. Joanne DeVillacian. I found Ms. DeVillacian after doing an online search. She responded to my e-mail immediately and followed up with a phone call. I knew right away she would be able to get the job done. Ms. DeVillacian arrives promptly, keeps scheduled appointments and is flexible if extra help is needed before an exam or if there is a change in schedule. When Ms. DeVillacian met my daughter they hit it off instantly. They had a great rapport and camaraderie that flourished each time they met. Based on Joanne's incredible mathematical abilities, intelligence, perseverance, kindness and hard work my daughter’s grades went from a 60 average to her highest of 93. Joanne helped my daughter through her freshman to senior year of high school. She also prepped her for her SAT’s, which enabled my daughter to be accepted to all the colleges she applied to and to develop a confidence in herself she did not have before. Who would think that Math would become her favorite subject? My daughter and I are incredibly grateful to have met Ms. DeVillacian and for all that she has done for my daughter. If I ever needed a tutor for my younger sons Ms. DeVillacian would be called in a heartbeat!

Veronica F, Franklin Square, NY

G.S., Age 13

Joanne helped my daughter prepare for the TACHS test. She is an engaging teacher and my daughter found the lessons with Joanne to be fun and right on point. Joanne even gave her tips on test taking which proved to be helpful in her regular school tests as well as the exam. I highly recommend her.

Barbara S., Queens, NY

M.O., Age 17

Joanne was reliable, patient, and talented at getting my son to grasp SAT Math. We utilized Joanne and he soared into the mid 700's and got accepted to an Ivy League college. Joanne even came to our rented apartment when we were displaced by Sandy!!! Joanne gets the job done!!

Mark O. Long Island, N.Y

Amanda and Angelina, Age 13

Joanne was a pleasure to work with. My daughters felt well equipped for the TACHS exam. They said they walked into the exam room with a clear understanding of what to expect and they felt confident in their preparation. Both girls were accepted into all three schools listed on the TACHS form and received scholarships to two out of the three schools. If I had to do it again I would not hesitate to call Joanne.

Barbara S., Middle Village, NY

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