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Tutoring for the New York State Math Regents Exam

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Many students experience "math anxiety." Private tutoring can help improve youngsters' math skills, Regents scores, and self-confidence.

Many students (and their parents) find themselves a bit confused by the high school diploma system in New York, so let's take a few minutes to briefly explain how it works.

In New York State, any state-licensed high school is allowed to issue high school diplomas, provided that their programs meet the state's bare minimum curriculum and testing requirements. High School Diplomas issued by individual schools are known as "local diplomas," and the students who earn them are high school graduates. But their local diplomas signify only that they met their school's minimum graduation requirements.

Fortunately, New York State high school students are eligible to one of two much more prestigious diplomas, both of which are issued by the highly-respected University of the State of New York. These diplomas are commonly known as the "Regents Diploma" and the "Advanced Regents Diploma." Students who desire to earn Regents Diplomas or Advanced Regents Diplomas them are required to pass a series of challenging tests known as the "Regents Exams." The Regents Exams in mathematics measure students' mastery of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and other mathematics skills.

At the time of this writing, passing grades on five required Regents Exams are required for the Regents Diploma, and passing grades on eight or nine required Regents Exams (depending on the school district's math adoption schedule) are required for the Advanced Regents Diploma.

What's So Important About a Regents Diploma?

Earning a Regents Diploma is important for three main reasons. Firstly, everyone in higher education (as well as most corporate personnel departments) knows what a New York State Regents diploma is. A Regents Diploma, and especially an Advanced Regents Diploma, carries its prestige wherever you go. It identifies you as someone whose high school learning has been validated by the prestigious University of the State of New York. It proves that you didn't just endure four years of high school. You actually learned something while you were there.

The second reason why earning a Regents Diploma is so important is simply because such a thing exists. Every high school student in New York has the opportunity to earn a Regents Diploma if they apply themselves and do well in their studies. Because of this, colleges and employers who are familiar with the New York State education system expect candidates to have earned Regents Diplomas. Graduates who didn't earn their Regents Diplomas while in high school are likely to be viewed less favorably than those who did. That may or may not be fair, but it's true nonetheless.

Finally, an increasing number of New York State high schools are requiring students to earn a Regents Diploma in order to graduate.

Tutoring for New York State Math Regents Exams

Passing the Math Regents Exams is vitally important to students' academic futures, and professional, private Regents tutoring can dramatically improve students' chances of passing the math Regents. This is true for several reasons:

Students often have gaps in their understanding of mathematical concepts that don't become apparent during the school year. Professional tutoring helps identify and remedy these gaps before the student is sitting at a desk taking the Regents.

Teachers differ in how they present information, and sometimes a student can answer a problem correctly, but not in quite the way the Regents expect it to be done. Points can be lost for "not showing the work," even if the answer is correct. I know how the Regents expect problems to be answered — and I'll make sure that you do, too.

I'll help you prepare for the test-taking experience itself, including proper test-day preparation, time management, and overcoming "math anxiety" and test-day jitters.

I provide individual one-on-one tutoring and review for all New York State Mathematics Regents Exams. For more information about how I can help you or your child get a better grade on the Math Regents, please contact me.